PIZZERIA NICOLETTA Livraison à Domicile

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4 sterren uit 92 beoordelingen
6 jun 2020 om 16:18 Eten was weer lauw.... spijtig, want de pizza's zijn gewoon fantastisch
29 mei 2020 om 13:15 Eten was spijitg genoeg lauw.....
22 mei 2020 om 20:20 Realiteit recommend this place if you're looking for some real Italian pizza and not some adapted recipes you find everywhere. Very tasty and natural
19 mei 2020 om 21:00 Heel lekker en traditioneel. Grote porties
13 mei 2020 om 22:47 lekkere pizza,i maar ijskoud en 40min te laat.
12 mei 2020 om 21:10 Excellent as always
10 mei 2020 om 12:04 One of the best pizza I've ever had, it should be 5 star but, my lasagna is a bit dry. I can't wait to have it again inside their restaurant!
29 apr 2020 om 11:26 Pizza is koud toegekomen
26 apr 2020 om 22:14 Pizzas waren onderaan angebrand dus niet smakelijk. Spijtig want we hadden al veel goeds gehoord over deze pizzaria.
25 apr 2020 om 20:52 Zeer lekker, zoals altijd
20 apr 2020 om 13:35 The Pizza itself is really nice, But I wouldn’t recommend the delivery: I’ve order my pizza box and all the mozzarella and tomato sauce were outside the pizza on a corner, so the base was the only thing left, it’s not the first time this happens to me.
7 apr 2020 om 22:03 Great food as always!