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19 nov 2023 om 21:26 One pizza was ok , the calzone was black outside. The ingredients are not the same quality as used to be . Very disappointed before was a very good pizzeria
1 nov 2023 om 21:45 there were many issues with the delivery. when it was about to be delivered I went down the door and waited for 20 min. went back home. 30 min later I saw the guy and I had to run after him because he was totally lost. then the pizzas were cold.
15 okt 2023 om 20:05 5 minuten bij ons vandaan en toch koud geleverd. Niet de juiste pizza en zwart aangebakken bodems…. Moet kunnen : eerst te hard bakken en dan koud leveren
15 aug 2023 om 20:48 1 pizza te kort geleverd en alle rest was koud!
12 aug 2023 om 20:21 Echt ijskoude pizza helaas… lees nu wat meerdere reviews ik had gewaarschuwd moeten zijn.
28 jun 2023 om 9:44 the delivery was quite fast, but the pizza was a bit chewy
24 jun 2023 om 10:20 the pizza was okay, but it took around 1 hour and 15 minutes to arrive, not sure if they forgot about my order or it always takes this long.
2 okt 2022 om 0:26 Pizza was good, but it should have arrived at 20.00 and it arrived at 21.20!! One hour and twenty minutes late is really too much. Moreover mine arrived with half mozzarella cheese that had fallen off the pizza, probably during transportation
4 aug 2022 om 21:22 Best pizza in Antwerp!
23 jun 2022 om 21:04 Pizza was koud
28 mei 2022 om 23:13 Excellent pizza like always. Arrived a bit cold.
19 mrt 2022 om 18:08 Pizza was cold